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AdEx is a decentralized advertising platform aiming at disrupting the status-quo of the the online advertising landscape. The projects focuses on bringing full bidding, reporting and ad delivery transparency to publishers and advertisers, thus minimizing the possibilities for ad fraud.

Stremio is a one-stop entertainment hub that lets users discover, organize, stream and share video content from different sources like Netflix, HBO, FilmОn,, YouTube and many more through official and community add-ons. Stremio was the first project that adopted AdEx Network as a solution for ad serving.

Propy is the world’s first international real estate marketplace. The company facilitates real estate transactions between international entities and enables seamless purchase of property abroad online. Propy integrates a blockchain ledger for the governments to make title deeds issuance for your property instantly online, secure and cost-effective.

AdHive is an AI - and community-powered platform for automated mass placement of native advertising on video blog channels. The platform brings advertisers an opportunity to place native video ads on unlimited channels without having to worry about proper execution.

SwipeCrypto is a project developing a blockchain protocol for mobile lockscreen advertising. It aims at solving the efficiency and transparency issues among advertisers, publishers and users. Built on top of Ethereum ERC20 standard, SwipeCrypto Token (SWC) is a completely decentralized and transparent utility token used as unit of exchange for advertising and premium content services within the SwipeCrypto ecosystem.

Eloplay is an e-sports platform that allows players to organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools. The platform currently has 90,000 registered users and 80,000 finished battles, and has hosted 3,500 one-on-one and team tournaments.

Harbour is an efficient, safe, and convenient place where all kinds of organizations can build and share their governance structures. We do so by providing users with the necessary tools to build and implement their preferred governance models.

Flixxo eliminates intermediaries by letting advertisers, viewers and content creators engage with each other directly. We are aiming to create a decentralized video distribution network, where users will be the owners and beneficiaries of their content.

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