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We at BAA are aware that blockchain technology is not yet mature enough to handle the load implied by millions of users, or billions of transactions. We recognize the importance of continued protocol-level development to help achieve the ubiquitous usage of blockchain technology. As part of this effort, BAA plans to donate to organizations such as Ethereum Foundation in order to support their research and development towards scalability.

Additionally, the foundation plans to make donations to support educational efforts in the field of blockchain. BAA also intends to support hackathons, Solidity educational programs, and to conduct its own blockchain course. The Donation Tokens will be distributed to foundations selected by our Alliance members. The Donation Tokens can be used for the following activities:

  • Support of development of blockchain, and of widespread integration and promoting blockchain education;
  • Support of research towards blockchain scalability and identity;
  • Support of education efforts in blockchain technology.

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