About BAA

The Blockchain Advertising Alliance (BAA) was founded in 2017 as an organization to offer all decentralized advertising companies a platform to exchange ideas, share knowledge and help build a new-generation advertising landscape. Member-companies are either projects offering decentralized online advertising solutions, or companies related to blockchain or advertising in general. All BAA members are united and driven by the common goal of ensuring a higher adoption of blockchain in the advertising marketplace, as well as developing user-friendly advertising DApps.


The Blockchain Advertising Alliance (BAA) is dedicated to building and fostering a meaningful environment for all advertising companies operating in the blockchain space.


At BAA, we are dedicated to educating the advertising industry about the benefits of decentralization. We aim at building a shared knowledge base that will advance the development of all blockchain-based advertising companies; at helping member companies unify and share their resources and know-how; and to enhance the promotion of blockchain use in the advertising industry.

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